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June 9, 2012

International Yarnbombing Day! Here’s my small contribution…

Color choices inspired by the Rocket Pop Popsicle.

Happy Summer time!

So I was recently checking out ishknits also know as Jessie Hemmons. She is Philadelphia’s yarnbomber. Definitely one talented artist! If you already have not heard of her, check out her blog here and here! I first learned of her thru the commissioned Urban Outfitters project she did. I then came across her blog and seen all the yarnbombing she has done across Philadelphia. Having no idea what yarnbombing was or even of its existence. I got inspired by her yarnbombing, my love for it has grown and already having a love for street art. Since being an admired of graffiti art, plus having a boyfriend who was a graffiti artist has pushed me to try yarnbombing. (There’s even a whole site about it here!)

Surrounded with inspiration by his talent I thought hey why not try it! I have so many ideas running in my head that I have yet to full-filled. Thou being a full-time mother has limited my time but this is the year to follow thru! in that note here is

a preview of ishknits…

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