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I’m way overdue on posting this, thou better late than never right? Some light spring yarnbombing I did the first week we hit 70-degree weather.

Whoa it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. I do apologized for my absence. The household has been pretty hectic with doctor appointments, homework, studying, school projects, and what not. Though I promised to get on a regular schedule soon! In the meantime check out these photos from my Instagram. If you don’t have one yet, I must warn you it is addicting!

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I’ve recently learn about nail art and fell in love with it because it is out of the ordinary, nontraditional, and how you can express yourself thru it. I came across AstroWifey’s blog and learn she was from Chicago! How cool is that?! So I’d defiantly had to contact her to do my nails. I first met her at an event where she was giving out free complimentary manicure’s for the Bleedy Heart Project (more on that later). She is a freelance nail artist who is self-taught and has a great passion for her work. You can learn more about her here and check out her nail art!

I gave her the concept of incorporating my love for knitting and my Etsy shop’s name ‘irokmimi’ on my nails and this is what she came out with, I honestly wasn’t sure of what the outcome might be but AstroWifey came thru and I love it! You can check out more pictures here!

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Just added to my esty shop! Please excuse the pictures, as soon as I turned on my camera it died out! From our recent mini-vacy to Dallas, Tx. My son’s iPod touch had to do for now. I think it’s time to start saving those dimes and nickles for a fancy camera. But in the meantime check out the new scarves I have added to my shop!

Coming back from our mini-vacay, I got sick. Already having bad allergies sure didn’t help. It has slowed me down from doing the many things I have to do before the start of next week.

My to do list:

Finished preparing the new crochet/knit scarves for my etsy shop. (photographing, pricing, etc.)

( I’ve only got a couple, but defiantly have to finished my projects!)

Getting a stamp for my etsy shop.

Registering for school.

Taking down the christmas tree! (yes we still have it up!)

Doing some major organizing.

Sorting thru our mail.

Dropping off the unwanted/old clothes at our local salvation army.

Finished my knitting projects/work on new ones as well!

I’m sure there are more things I have to do. They’ll eventually (hopefully) come to mind soon. eek!

I am getting a head start on these tiny crochet hearts for valentine’s day. I’d thought I would add a pin back to it. And there you have it, an adorable little gift I’d thought be nice for my son’s class. Rather then passing out the usual chocolate candy.

After new years day we took a mini-vacation to visit my mom in Dallas, TX. For only a short time, I’d try to squeeze in as much sight-seeing as I could. The weather was beautiful enough to roam around in just a sweater, it was nice to enjoy some warmth and my mother’s company. So here is a little preview of our mini-vacay.

Yes, we even got to see the Mavericks vs. Hornets play. Something my son truly enjoyed. I’d sure couldn’t help but laugh each time the lady sitting behind us shouting ‘Come on Mr. Kardashian!’

These last few months have been busy, with so many things going on. Planning new changes for the upcoming year and making time to create.  I knew it’d be a challenge, holding down a household, raising my kids, learning to manage an online shop and trying to keep organized.

The best way to do so is to push myself, which I know will be the hardest thing to do; but also finding the inspiration. In that note here are a few sites I’d like to share where I’d get inspired. Go ahead and get inspired!


I’ve been busy making these cute felt flower hair clips to add to my shop. They are 100 percent wool felt, from Purl Soho. It is a great felt material to work with since there’s no piling and smooth to the touch. Unlike acrylic felt found at your local craft stores. It tends to look shabby after time. I’d thought for these hair clips to last long, it needed a durable kind. So 100 percent felt was the way to go. Here’s a little preview below.

You can check them out in my shop!

I am glad I finally took the plunge and open up my Esty shop Irokmimi! It has run through my head these past couple of months, and one day just went for it! So please take the time and check out my Esty shop, as you’ll find handmade knit goodies and more.

Keep a look out as I add more things in the near future.

Irokmimi knit bows are hair clippies that will add any cuteness and rock any little girls outfit! or even for your teen who loves to dress up their hair! And don’t forget to check out these funky crochet bracelets! a cute ‘back to school’ gift to give!

I know summer is coming to an end by the shorter days that come, seeing the ‘back to school’ ad sales, and it simply being August. Every year I dread this month because my birthday is the last day of August and knowing fall follows. I do love those breezy nights August has to offer, of course who wouldn’t? Well here’s to the long nights, barbecues, the birthday parties, beach days, and the many bike rides down Lakeshore Drive ♥

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