Hey there! So a couple of things I’d like to share. It has been a few long days but everything is looking on the brighter side.  First off I’d like to share that I am a return college student! Yah! I was finally able to register for this spring semester. And what can I say I am pretty stoked about it! I am also a little nervous as it being a new transition from a full-time mommy to also being a part-time student. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself; two classes is good for now.

School is kicking my butt already! I’m taking a math class and let’s just say it’s like starting all over! Being I haven’t practice it in a longtime.  I am glad when it comes to math my boyfriend and son have the brains for it. Ha so if I have any trouble I know I can count on them for help.

I finally received the pin backs for my son’s valentine favors (you can read about it here). I order them from Etsy, I love that you can also buy supplies for anything you might need. They have just about everything! So I cannot wait to start finishing them off. Keep an eye for an updated post.

Now to get started on my math homework. eek!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 🙂