haha yes do you see all those sneakers/shoes? There’s a lot more where those came from, I am dating a sneakersnob! (haha no offense babe) Nothing but Nike SBs! I honestly thought I had a lot of shoes but I’d think he’s beat me to it. Though since I can remember I always had the latest sneakers; Reebok, K swiss, but especially Nike’s. I never consider myself a sneakerhead and I probably only have about 6 pairs of Nike’s or so today. Dating a sneakerhead somewhat has its perks because we started collecting sneakers for our daughter. We were lucky enough to find four of her Nike’s at a discount price at 15 bucks each! Now come on, Who would pass that up right?

I have to say my favorite ones we got our daughter are the leopard white/purple ones and black/beige with pink Nike check. We always had strangers compliment on her sneakers. I’d think it’s that time again to go sneaker shopping for her 🙂

I would also love to start a vintage shoe collection for her, I saw the picture down below from cakies and just fell in love. Check out her blog! She’s a mommy of four little girls who love’s to wear vintage! Are you a sneakerhead or shoe collector? Please share! I’d love to see other’s shoe collections.