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haha a crochet hooker that is…I have seen these humor drawings reference to crochet although I just checked out the blog ObeyCrochet.

A hooker who wanted to share the love for crochet because she couldn’t find anything on the internet. There were more love for the knittas out there and ‘Instead of usually eating and watching Arrested Development’ in Stephanie Toppin words she created ObeyCrochet. Read the full story behind her blog here and don’t forget to check out her awesome drawings!

One day my sister and I were at a Michaels’ store browsing; we decided to check out the knitting aisle. We were standing there feeling overwhelmed by how many hooks, needles, and various yarns with different textures and colors were available. We were discussing how much we both like to learn how to knit or crochet one day. But felt a bit timid by it. I’d had mention my sister-in-law has been knitting and crocheting for the past couple of years and so happens she was coming into town soon. She was generous enough to offer to teach me.  A second trip to Michaels’ to buy my first hook and yarn and a single crochet and purl later I’d learn how to crochet and knit. Three years later I haven’t let go of a needle or hook  ♥

image from here via yesjessknits

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