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Quite busy with school, family, and running a small resale shop on Instagram called @wornbyus. Come check it out! I sell my family’s gentle worn clothes, awesome thrift store finds and vintage! You would be surprise of how much vintage is found on Insta-shops.

Of course there are lot’s of cute modern clothes (Gap, Oldnavy, Zara, Minnetonka‘s) just to name a few. Most of these Insta-shops owners are full-time momma’s like myself. It’s such an awesome community! Just a few items below I’ve sold in my shop. Don’t forget to click on the link above.




// Grateful for my son being born to a mini Family vacation to being apart of a Dia del Los Muertos ofrenda at the National Museum of Mexican Art and everything in between. //

If you have followed my blog or are a close friend, you know I have a thing for nail art. Well check out these awesome nail decals on Etsy here by Chachacovers.

Here are just a couple.

Dia del los Muertos or Day of the Dead is right around the corner, November 1-2nd. If you celebrate it, these nail decals is an awesome way to show. There are a lot more, so go check them out!

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I am working on making my very own fabric labels for my knitted accessories. I honestly tried to buy some from Etsy, but I did not find any that caught my eye. So after a little research I came across a tutorial video on YouTube. Actually two, they are both easy and simple to make.

Wish me luck 🙂

And for the newcomers who also like to make their own fabric labels, Please find the tutorials down below. These fabric labels are great to tag any clothing, your childs backpack, winter accessories, etc. If you already tried making your own fabric labels, please share. I’d really like to see others creative ventures 😉

Please join El Stitch y Bitch gals in these year’s Hanal Pixan Food for the Souls: Dia del los Muertos 2012.

You can find more details here.

Yes I’ve neglected this blog but I have a good reason I promise.

We welcomed a new addition to our family of four. Back in April, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He is now four months old and such a happy baby. Wow time sure does fly by, We are very blessed to have him. Another summer gone and off to a new school year. I cannot wait to see what the fall may bring us.

M.I.A, I was offered the opportunity to work in an awesome project with El Stitch y Bitchy gals. We are exhibiting a project for ‘Dia del los Muertos’ at the National Mexican Museum next month. Keep an eye out, as I will share details soon.

With the said, I wanted to show my enthusiasm for ‘Dia del los Muertos’. I had Astrowifey go hard in the nail paint with Frida Kahlo, sugar skulls & more. Check it out!

June 9, 2012

International Yarnbombing Day! Here’s my small contribution…

Color choices inspired by the Rocket Pop Popsicle.

Happy Summer time!

haha a crochet hooker that is…I have seen these humor drawings reference to crochet although I just checked out the blog ObeyCrochet.

A hooker who wanted to share the love for crochet because she couldn’t find anything on the internet. There were more love for the knittas out there and ‘Instead of usually eating and watching Arrested Development’ in Stephanie Toppin words she created ObeyCrochet. Read the full story behind her blog here and don’t forget to check out her awesome drawings!

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