Coming back from our mini-vacay, I got sick. Already having bad allergies sure didn’t help. It has slowed me down from doing the many things I have to do before the start of next week.

My to do list:

Finished preparing the new crochet/knit scarves for my etsy shop. (photographing, pricing, etc.)

( I’ve only got a couple, but defiantly have to finished my projects!)

Getting a stamp for my etsy shop.

Registering for school.

Taking down the christmas tree! (yes we still have it up!)

Doing some major organizing.

Sorting thru our mail.

Dropping off the unwanted/old clothes at our local salvation army.

Finished my knitting projects/work on new ones as well!

I’m sure there are more things I have to do. They’ll eventually (hopefully) come to mind soon. eek!

I am getting a head start on these tiny crochet hearts for valentine’s day. I’d thought I would add a pin back to it. And there you have it, an adorable little gift I’d thought be nice for my son’s class. Rather then passing out the usual chocolate candy.