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Hey there! So a couple of things I’d like to share. It has been a few long days but everything is looking on the brighter side.  First off I’d like to share that I am a return college student! Yah! I was finally able to register for this spring semester. And what can I say I am pretty stoked about it! I am also a little nervous as it being a new transition from a full-time mommy to also being a part-time student. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself; two classes is good for now.

School is kicking my butt already! I’m taking a math class and let’s just say it’s like starting all over! Being I haven’t practice it in a longtime.  I am glad when it comes to math my boyfriend and son have the brains for it. Ha so if I have any trouble I know I can count on them for help.

I finally received the pin backs for my son’s valentine favors (you can read about it here). I order them from Etsy, I love that you can also buy supplies for anything you might need. They have just about everything! So I cannot wait to start finishing them off. Keep an eye for an updated post.

Now to get started on my math homework. eek!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 🙂

These last few months have been busy, with so many things going on. Planning new changes for the upcoming year and making time to create.  I knew it’d be a challenge, holding down a household, raising my kids, learning to manage an online shop and trying to keep organized.

The best way to do so is to push myself, which I know will be the hardest thing to do; but also finding the inspiration. In that note here are a few sites I’d like to share where I’d get inspired. Go ahead and get inspired!


I am glad I finally took the plunge and open up my Esty shop Irokmimi! It has run through my head these past couple of months, and one day just went for it! So please take the time and check out my Esty shop, as you’ll find handmade knit goodies and more.

Keep a look out as I add more things in the near future.

Irokmimi knit bows are hair clippies that will add any cuteness and rock any little girls outfit! or even for your teen who loves to dress up their hair! And don’t forget to check out these funky crochet bracelets! a cute ‘back to school’ gift to give!

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